Tiny Skribbler’s Skribblings 7

And so the weekend has come and gone and i’m proud to say that i spent the most of my Sunday (aside from church) at home playing PS2, specifically Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

It’s a most welcome break after nearly one sem of non-stop slamming of tutorials and lectures and academics…i deliberately took this week to iron out all the non-academic stuff that i neglected over the semester (e.g. harsh feelings created, friends who needed a listening ear, some R&R, etc etc etc) and just chill out before the final battle with the dreaded exams come again.

As usual, it’s accompanied with that feeling of fear and apprehension – i have not yet fully integrated the lack of importance of grades into my mindset, but i do know that my aforementioned two emotions aren’t brought about by that.  I just don’t want to have to justify with my mom why i’m not getting straight As in school again – and i know i don’t have to, as much as a part of me wants to.

And so the next two weeks are going to be hard to get through already – what with the mugging and what not.  I hope (and fully intend) to be exercising throughout the period of studying as well, so as to keep my body and mind alert and stop feeling lethargic in the days to come.

For my brothers and sisters reading this – i really need prayer cover during this period of time.  This is the routine time where my walk with God suffers and as a result my relationship with people suffer too.  Please ask me out to study when i hide myself in my room, just to have a meal with me.  Better still, study with me and we can encourage each other along the way.

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