Two down

…And three more to go.

I must say something though – for all my crabbin’ and complainin’, this sem’s exams so far have been enjoyable.  More than just a reflection of my kvetching nature, i think the good part of that is perhaps, just perhaps, i’m finally learning to enjoy what i’m studying.

Whoever thought the pseudo-arts-student jon would ever learn to enjoy engineering? 😀   Even more so since i really haven’t been as anxious this time round – and before i attribute it to a virtuous quality that i’m trying to learn, i will state that there is a very fine line between surrender and nonchalance. 😀  Yet i cannot discredit that i truly believe that this feeling is due to the many many prayers of the many many saints that have been on their knees for me and the other people going through exams in this season – so if you’re one of them, thank you.

I have discovered something though – everytime i have wanted to play ball during this season it rains.  So those of you out there who want the rain, tell me and i will declare that i will plan to play ball at the time frame you want the rain to be.  And those of you who don’t want the rain, please tell me also so that i don’t plan to play ball coincidentally when you want it to be sunny.  If there are clashes inbetween the requests then i will obey my inner baller and see the intensity of the urge to shoot the ball through hoops. 😀

That is, if my inner nerd doesn’t nudge me in the direction of my notes. 😀

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