Over and done with.

Let’s just hope that’s not a prediction on my condition when i get my results back haha… 😀

Yes, the exams are over – which ironically means that this place will be updated less frequently.  It seems true that i am the most creative i can be during the exam period simply out of sheer stress or boredom or the need to want to express my inner arts student persona in the face of unwavering and solid equations.

This, however, marks the end of the sem, in which i tend to ask myself a few questions (and i’ve posed these questions to some of you as well)…

How much have i learned over the past semester? Academically, of course, but the non-academic perhaps is more important, as it usually tends to be.

How much have i changed over the past semester?  Looking into the mirror of the past, do i see a more mature person, or did i remain the same? Have my tastes in certain matters fluctuated drastically out of phase? (omg that’s the inner engineer speaking)

Maybe something i would like to pose to all, and even more so as it is approaching the end of 2006, is to think about the time that has past.  Not to dwell on it, but to reflect.  Changes and constants.  People and personas.  Tastes and dislikes.  And when you’re done looking with all that, think about how precious each coming moment is to you, and how you’re going to make total use of it 🙂

That being said to appease the philosopher in me, i now return to your regular channel of the normal jon 😀  The paper today wasn’t all that hard – i couldn’t do a couple of parts, and i totally missed out on one derivation but because i wasn’t prepared for that kinda question to come out so i guess that’s just the way it is 🙂  I’m a little apprehensive about this hols, however.  It’s the first time i’m totally not looking forward to Christmas, and before any of you start telling me it’s an occasion to be joyful because it marks our Saviour’s birth, let me say that i am appreciative and deeply grateful that He did come down, but somehow that’s not the reason why i’m not looking forward to it.  It could be that this holidays is rather packed and honestly not my idea of a holiday at all, or that i don’t have the time to do what i personally want to do because of all the things that are going on, but whatever the reason, i’m really not looking forward to it.  Maybe i’m just growing old.

I guess it’s better to realise that fact now than when i really am a grumpy old man – at least now i can look in the mirror and deny two thirds of that statement. 😀

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