Post-AnnTIC 2006

And so i’ve returned from AnnTIC 2006, held at Port Dickson, etc etc. I don’t have many photos to share, seeing as my phone was effectively my camera, and thus the battery didn’t exactly last very long…but i do have a few photos of what i deemed to be the interesting parts of the camp though i’m not going to put them up here – no group shots or particular photos taken though – those were taken with other’s cameras and so i don’t have them yet. Speaking of which, i still have yet to compile my group’s contact list and i suppose i’ll have to get down to it.

It was pretty good, considering that i went without expecting anything and at least returned with something to take home in thought.  Some things that i was struggling with, i came back with at least partial answers, some were resolved at least at the intellectual level and what’s left is to ingrind them into my actions and life.  I guess there are certain areas that i really wish i didn’t have to deal with, to the extent that i questioned whether it was worth keeping my faith if it really means that i have to endure hardships and do things a certain way.  I’m reminded once again that it’s more than just a religion and faith, and that i’m having communion with my God which is such a marvellous thing, and putting it in such terms really makes the previous two descriptions seem really miniscule in terms of relational factors.  So though at times i do wish i wasn’t so, i’m ever glad to be a Christian.

I’m pretty sure not all my readers are of the same faith as me, so i’d better clarify that i really don’t mean any offence to anyone, though sometimes i do wish we saw things the same way and it really would be very nice if you agreed 🙂

Subtle jokes aside, as i mentioned before, i’m not really looking forward to Christmas this year.  I still don’t know why, but the feeling remains this way, even though i expected it to wane somewhat after AnnTIC.  I really wish i could have more time to do a lot more things, but apparently time isn’t on my side…

Some times i just wish things would resolve by themselves into a happy ending, but i guess in a way if that were the case universally then life really wouldn’t be much kick at all. 😀

But then again, what do you do when you’re faced with a chance that you dearly wish to take, yet you know you shouldn’t?

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