Final Fantasy-less

I bought the recent FFXII and tried to play it the other day – it’s a vast difference from the traditional style of Final Fantasy playing and the battles are definitely executed very differently.  I understand it’s been made to simulate an MMORPG, but i don’t really like it even though i might think most of the gamers out there would.

So i borrowed Cal’s FFVII disc for PC and got the windows XP patch for it so that i could play it and complete it before school starts.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to run past the start screen – after i click on “new game” it just gives me a black screen.  The program’s still running and i can exit it normally, just that i can’t really do anything with a black screen.  If anyone can tell me how to fix that problem i’d be very very grateful to you because FFVII is still one of my favourite games and i was hoping to replay it. (ketsugi: hint hint haha)

It seems to me that this holiday has contained a great amount of disappointments.  Perhaps it’s just me focusing on the negative, but it doesn’t seem to me that i am.  Maybe that’s why i’m not too keen on Christmas this year – things don’t exactly seem very bright and i honestly wouldn’t want to set myself up for another disappointment.  I suppose one could say that Christmas is meant to be a happy time, and i agree with that for obvious reasons – just that my Christmases usually aren’t as happy as i’d like them to be.

  1. My proposed solution is get a PS1. I have the FF7 discs for Playstation. It’s much more fun playing it that way.

  2. hahah yeah i have a PS2 remember 😉 also kept the FF7 discs for PS1 when i had a PS1, just that i don’t want to bring a tv to hall just to play it 😉

  3. ruth

    gasp!! u have PS2??!!! lend exco!! we wanna play DDR.grin

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