It’s here

As deep blue fades to cloudy skies
As monsoon waters pour from high
Bringing fields to muddy waters
Dirtying the sons and daughters
With lights strung up and flickering bright
With colours twinkling into the night
With carollers’ lists of many songs
With pleasantries of melodious throngs
Under pine trees decorated, by your feet
Lay boxes wrapped up nice and neat
And dreams of elves and reindeer flight
Causing children to peek in hopes of that sight
Hoping Mr. Claus visits them quietly so
Making no more sound than he should on tiptoe
And the games with white freckles that speckle ground
Which soon will be made into balls that are found
To be whizzing around the children’s games
Of snowball fights and calling names

And once again, Christmas is here.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Another year of Christmas – and the first one in which i didn’t really enjoy the season. Maybe it was because i had too much on my hands, or that i had continuous strings of minor disappointments. Maybe it was because over the years i have mellowed and i’m no longer the freaky little kid i once was, or maybe Christmas has become so commercialised that i can’t really appreciate it.

But amidst the shopping sales, the presents and the imitations of Mr. S. Claus, I have one wish for all of you; that all my friends will be truly happy. I don’t think i can wish for much else – to be truly happy… i think that encompasses every good thing that i can imagine.

Special thanks must go to individuals who will not be named, but you know who you are, for sharing my life with me, hearing me out, and putting up with my nonsense. A deep thank you to those of you who fall into these categories. 🙂

And to you – i know it’s hard to stomach it, but have a little faith ya? Everything will work out in the end 🙂

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