The Start of a New Year

Before I begin, a happy new year to each and every one of you, whether you’re a friend or just popping by, a regular reader or a first-timer here!

Wasn’t exactly the countdown i was used to, this time around i did more counting down to the effect of my medicine which was supposed to make me drowsy – been having a throat infection the past few days, which kinda makes things difficult.  The bad part is that doctor says no sports or exercise until the infection subsides, so i suppose i’ll have to pray that everything’s gone by wednesday so that i can play in the upcoming friendlies.  At least i’m able to swallow relatively comfortably now; it was absolutely sickening having not been able to.

But with the start of a new year, it also means the start of a new *gasp* academic sem!  Yeah i can hear the aguished cries and throngs of frustration from the student section of the audience already.  Honestly, this holiday has been a little too short for me – i suppose i got used to the three month break i got last semester (which wasn’t exactly a complete break, though one could say so with regards to studies).  I’d probably be “subjecting” myself to that again next holiday, but i guess we’ll see how things turn out – i’m still thinking of doing that part time job at Life Bookstore to take up some of my time and get some retail experience while earning a bit on the side.

The advent of the new year has got me being thankful for a lot of things – one of them being the fact that i don’t have to worry excessively about finances.  Sure, i try to save where i can, and i try to limit expenses, but all in all, i know i’m living at a comfortable level in no relation to anyone but myself. (i.e. i’m comfortable as it is already)  Even on top of that, i have plenty besides, not that i can afford to splurge on multiple laptops like some people i know, but i do have enough to pursue my interests and hobbies, to which i should disclaim that although they don’t take up a lot, they’re not exactly free either ^^

I’m guessing it’ll be an interesting last week – what with the trying to cram in as many things as i want to do while doing the things i should be doing before sem starts, and not to mention the things that i have to do, like bidding for new mods (eew) and getting stuff for my design project done as well (double eew).

So a happy new year to you, folks!  You’ve been a great audience again for the past year, please remember to use both sides of the toilet paper in order to save trees, and tip the ushers when you leave! ^^

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