The One That Got Away

Or rather, the one that i let get away – missed my first lecture of the semester today haha.. For those of you who thought this post was something else, sorry to disappoint you 😉

But when i woke up this morning and it was raining lightly (and continued to alternately rain or pour throughout the day), and i looked at my alarm on my handphone and the day’s schedule, i figured it was more than worth it just to stay in my room and catch a few more hours of sleep considering i’ve been having a lack of sleep just before school started up till now.

Which i did! 😀

So this is the first lecture i missed this semester. Asked a couple of my friends who happened to be taking the module with me about what went on and apparently i didn’t miss anything much – basically everything was in the notes, which i’ve already read through.  So no biggie i guess.  But one lesson that i want to learn from this is to watch the amount of sleep i actually need, even more so with IHG trainings going on and being physically tired.

Also, i need more discipline to wake up. ^^;;;

  1. purplecross

    lol. the same thing happened to me. so that makes the two of us:)

  2. heh. not that it’s something good though 😉

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