Archive for February 1st, 2007

Sometimes i get a little too emo for my own good, and it’s not really some big event that makes it happen, but rather that i let things pile up emotionally and then something becomes the straw that breaks the camels’ back.

And yes, i do let little things affect me. Simple things that really shouldn’t. Really. Yet i can’t seem to help it, and sometimes i just feel moody out of nowhere with no place to belong and nothing much i can do about it.

I used to force myself to snap out of it. Maybe it’s because i’ve given up a part of me that allows me to do that for something else better, that now i can’t do it, though at times like this i wish i still could. I guess one way of comforting myself is that i’m in touch with my emotions (which is exactly what i would have thought to say to another person experiencing what i am) but i also somehow think that’s not much of a comfort to someone who doesn’t really want to be in touch as much as he is with his emotions (which is exactly why i’ve never used that line to comfort anyone).

And sometimes i blog something just to let some emotion out, without knowing exactly what it is that i’m blogging about…though i wish at times i really didn’t have that urge to do it, knowing in part that after a while these feelings will disappear after some predictable events occur.

But i guess i can’t help it.