Heroes in a Half Shell

These green guys and their wisecracks used to spice up my life back when i was a kid, with their slick ninja moves and lame jokes about Shredder.

I watched the first movie when it came out, and even bought the sticker book to collect all the stickers (the kind that came in packs and you didn’t know which stickers you had inside them so you just had to keep trying) and eventually completed the entire stickerbook.

I watched the second movie that came out, which at that time i felt honestly wasn’t as good because they tried too hard to dramatize it and it was a tad difficult to make a rubber costume look sad (though the “beaten up” look was really well done in certain scenes), but it caught my attention nonetheless.

And now after many years, the animated movie is coming out,  to which i can expect slicker moves than Spider-Man, faster action than a Jacky Chan movie and probably more lame jokes than erm….me ^^;;; It thus goes as no surprise that i’m seriously waiting for this movie to come out and i’m so going to watch it!

(Figures it comes out toward the end of March – i’m becoming more and more certain that movie releases are designed to make people like me fail exams)


  1. It’s “TURTLES in a half shell” isn’t it???

  2. jon

    Thought maybe you were right, but nope, it’s “heroes in a half shell”. Ran a check with the official website and a few fan pages.

    If you wanna check the lyrics, you can go to http://www.ninjaturtles.com/cartoon/theme.htm or just google for it.

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