Lunar New Year

There’s been a lot of hype and i’m actually looking forward to this year’s lunar new year – especially since i didn’t get to go visitation last year due to superstitious reasons.  It’s always fun meeting most relatives and eating my heart out (only to have to work it off again later). ^^;;;

Yet for obvious reasons, i’m also not really looking forward to it coming.  Ah well, i’ve got to learn certain things the hard way i guess.  Doesn’t help that relatives are also the typical kind.

  1. u mean like “When are u gonna get married?” hahaa

  2. hahahahaha….. we’re getting to that age anyway…. 😛

  3. jon

    yeah kinda….but it isn’t the question that annoys me as much as the way it is being asked and the intention of the relatives…if it was in all sincerity and happiness then i wouldn’t really mind.

  4. tell them: when i’m 65 🙂
    alternatively threaten to involve yourself in some truly scandalous Hosea (of the Bible)-like relationship.
    OR look at them and laugh hysterically
    OR start rearing a pet cockroach and when they ask, tell them u’ll marry the first girl who’d eat it live
    OR give them two dozen contradictory criteria and get them to be matchmakers
    OR……. 🙂

  5. jon


    ok i get the idea haha 🙂 but…

    1) i don’t think i’m patient enough to wait till i’m 65
    2) i doubt hosea’s call is for me. ESPECIALLY not me. Not (just) that i don’t want it, but i’m pretty sure that kinda call is not for me.
    3) looking at my relatives and laughing hysterically isn’t going to stop them
    4) not a bad idea, except that it effectively rules out my lunch 😀
    5) i wouldn’t want anyone to matchmake me 😉
    6) and the list goes on….

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