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I just saw someone in my lecture who is using a MacBookPro and is running WINDOWS XP ON THE MAC.

What a sacrilege.

Why would anyone in the right mind want to do that?


I’ve just installed Microsoft Office 2007 on my laptop, and as much as I can say I prefer Apple over Microsoft, I really have to give credit for Microsoft for this software.


They have managed to make the program interface as appealing as possible, hiding all the functions away so that people who need only the basics will maximize their screen space, and those (like me) who like to play around with formatting and other stuff navigate around the menus rather comprehensively with their “pull down ribbon” menu. The colour schemes also make it rather comfortable to read off the screen (especially the black colour scheme on PowerPoint) and for some reason the text just looks bigger in this version even though the font and font size is the same as the last time – somehow they’ve managed to create that visual effect.


I must say one thing though – a lot of the layouts and designs of the programs (with the exception of OneNote, which I seriously am finding VERY handy considering I take almost everything down on my laptop) look a great deal like it was styled to look like a Mac’s software.


Maybe that’s why it appeals to me 😀


But that aside, despite wary friends not wanting to install Office 2007 because they think it will take up a great deal of resources, let me assure you all that it runs smooth as silk on my three-year-old laptop which has suffered a great deal over the past three years (I almost feel sorry for it).


Unfortunately my laptop does not meet the qualifications of Windows Vista, otherwise I’d be looking at a very pretty LCD screen for the majority of the day 😀

Sometimes that’s all it takes.


I have come what might possibly be the closest to fulfilling a childhood dream to become like Wolverine.

I have Aluminium in my body.

Ok, so it’s “had” not “have”.  But anyway what happened was that someone was machining a large chunk of aluminium, and forgot to turn on the coolant.  While that’s ok in terms of heating up of the workpiece, since aluminium is considered a soft metal, what he didn’t know was that the coolant also serves to flush away the chips that have been cut out once they are removed from the main bulk of the metal.  So chips went flying all over the place and one of them went under my skin – shallow enough that i could see the embedded part through my skin (and it look really cool).  But of course i pulled it out (which psycho would push it in?!) and had it washed.  Feels like a paper cut, really itchy but no cool scar to show for the experience 😀

On another note, i brought down my laptop to the IBM service centre in NUS today to see what they could do with the battery – and since it’s still under warranty, they’re giving me a new one in exchange for the old one, without depriving me the use of my laptop. 🙂 I really appreciate that, since i really do need my laptop these few days, with all the reports and projects and presentations going on.  Plus, i hope they give me one of those new batteries that are supposed to last for 6 hours (fyi, i don’t think it will last for that long really, but it’s definitely longer than my battery that was suppose to last for 2.5 hours and dies within 1).

So double yay!  And now on to the assignments.

With a vengeance.


Today is the release of the TMNT movie!

Too bad i’ll have to wait a while to go watch it…heh 🙂

Power Issues

Sorry this isn’t going to be a serious post, much as the title makes it sound. I’m just going to let my inner geek out for a while to play.

My laptop battery is dying and playing tricks before it does – it displays the remaining life as 50mins and then jumps to 20mins in a matter of seconds, then back to 30mins. It also drains at varying rates on different days, some days it lasts 2 hours plus, some days it barely lasts an hour.

I’d crack a joke here about how it’s name has been written in the Death Note by Kira for some weird crime (maybe it stole the current from the AC source), and it’s being made to do funny things before its time comes, but i’m too lazy to go into that haha 😀

Suffice to say, the battery is behaving weird, and although i really wish i could do something about it like recondition it (which i can’t because the software that IBM comes with that reconditions the battery doesn’t seem to work), or alternatively get a new battery or better still a new laptop (anyone care to sponsor me, even partially? har har har), i can’t really get anything done without lugging around the AC power adaptor these days.

Maybe this will substantiate my case for a new laptop in my final year haha…


…is what happens when you owe someone $6, you give him $10, and he gives you back $4 😀

But seriously, we all go through change, and so i was thinking about it and the changes that people go through in their lifetime.  Some people say that we change either for better or for worse, and those changes make us who we are, for it’s the gradual process that eventually molds us to who we end up to be.

But a thought came to mind: can we really say any change is better than another? Or that a change is for better or for worse than before?  I’ve realized that what looks like a “bad change” can eventually lead to good consequences, and vice versa.

Maybe it’s not so much the change itself but a combination of factors in the person that makes it good or bad.

I’ve changed.  So have you. Let’s make it count.

Random Thought

I saw the way people queued today at the Engin Canteen and thought to myself – these people must really want to be first in the queue.

I remember when someone once told me this simple truth – that one will always place what is a higher priority above the lower; and by this we can tell what is important to a person in his/her life.

Well of course i don’t think that applies very well when you have plenty of time on your hands, or if you space things out and there’s room to do so…i for one could happily play games the whole day if the assignment that’s to be done is due in a month’s time and there’s nothing else taking up all of my time for the rest of the month.  Maybe i’d go to it every now and then, but i most certainly wouldn’t push for it to be done extra extra early…just as early as possible will do, but definitely not rushing it to the point where i exasperate others.

But i guess when time is short, like the lunch times in NUS,  it’s when you really see what people have at the top of their priorities.  I suppose i could excuse being hungry and i know that this isn’t really the best analogy, but i’m just saying what i saw today.  There were people rushing to be in the queue, regardless of whether their friend was a mere half metre in front of them, fighting to be just one place ahead of the others.  There were also those who bothered to stop and take orders for everyone, coordinating efforts and trying to make everyone’s day a little easier.

So when time grows short, or when you have a choice, do you choose to put material possessions above the people around you? Others above self, if possible? Would you spend time with the friend who needs to talk, late on the night before an early morning exam paper?  Perhaps spend some time with someone else who would appreciate your presence?

I can’t profess to doing all these things myself – but i’d venture a guess that not many of us can.

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