I Am @ Youth.SG

It struck me that this blogging contest was publicized to us via NUSemail, and it honestly got me thinking why some of us would consider ourselves youth in Singapore.

Oftentimes, being a “youth” is interpreted vastly different by varying groups of people – the older generation refer to us as either a punk-rock bunch of ear-studded, hair-dyed, cross-dressed freaks, or as an inspiration for passion, life and vibrancy. And often they fail to recognize that we “youth” are people as well, with normal human wants and tendencies.

Sometimes we do what we do because we want to be recognized by those around us and gain acceptance. Other times we prefer to blend into the crowd and remain unnoticed. One thing’s for sure: the transition from “childhood” to “adulthood” – which is not merely defined by age – is rampant with troubles that we sometimes wish that we could avoid, but yet inevitably come our way.

With the teenage years come bouts of insecurity, fraught with hormonal rages and pimple outbreaks, and don’t think it gets any easier for the guys when they are thrown into army for 2 years (more if you’re born around my time) – being a guy doesn’t automatically mean that you are able to cope with the stress and responsibilities equivalent to that of a work place. I’m not saying the girls have it any easier, but I’m not a girl so I honestly wouldn’t know 😉

I guess what really defines our “youth”-fulness is not so much our age (although the competition has set the age limits to a certain value which shall not be revealed here to protect the ages of certain people – in short, if i tell you i’d have to kill you :D) but the characteristics. Ever heard of the quote “you can only be young once, but you can be immature forever”? Granted that immaturity definitely isn’t equivalent to youth, but i think it applies as well – one can actually be youthful forever.

I believe that “youth” isn’t defined by age as we know it commonly to.  I think if we keep our minds fresh, stay happy and vibrant, continue being active (in all aspects of the word) then one can really be youthful his or her entire life.  I know people who are in their late 60s and people still call them youthful – it even radiates from their eyes, even more so in Singapore where things often become so hum-drum and all we do is carry on our everyday lives with little concern for happiness in the non-material sense.

I would like to be one of those people when I do reach that age of 60+ (and beyond) – just as i certainly try to be now 🙂

  1. nel

    So are YOU one of “a punk-rock bunch of ear-studded, hair-dyed, cross-dressed freaks” too?? 🙂

  2. lintong

    it is most unfortunate that some angst in their youth, get disillusioned, jaded , have a mid-life crisis, get grumpy and turn into a cranky old thing just waiting to die.

    and that is a admirable and lovely goal, to be cheerful and vibrant at 60.

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