Sometimes there are so many thoughts i have about so many different aspects (not necessarily areas) of my life, that all that comes out are lines that somehow match, but aren’t really coherent to each other.

I could stay awake, just to hear you breathing, watch you smile when you are sleeping, when you’re far away and dreaming.

Sometimes i say things that hurt or push in a particular direction or rush you – and for that i’m sorry.

I think at times i’m still not as mentally and emotionally stable as i hope to be, even though most of the time i’m able to keep that honest front there.

One should never put down another for the sake of entertainment, no matter how justified.

I’ve learnt that i can be obsessive over some things, yet i can completely ignore them at another time.

I TOTALLY understand when someone tells me that just being around another person makes things different, and they wanna live with that person their entire lives.

I’ve also learnt a lesson (re-learnt, rather) from the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

Tim Burton has a weird sense of imagination – yet sometimes it’s so true to our real world.

Sometimes i’m just sorry for the way i am.

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