Power Issues

Sorry this isn’t going to be a serious post, much as the title makes it sound. I’m just going to let my inner geek out for a while to play.

My laptop battery is dying and playing tricks before it does – it displays the remaining life as 50mins and then jumps to 20mins in a matter of seconds, then back to 30mins. It also drains at varying rates on different days, some days it lasts 2 hours plus, some days it barely lasts an hour.

I’d crack a joke here about how it’s name has been written in the Death Note by Kira for some weird crime (maybe it stole the current from the AC source), and it’s being made to do funny things before its time comes, but i’m too lazy to go into that haha 😀

Suffice to say, the battery is behaving weird, and although i really wish i could do something about it like recondition it (which i can’t because the software that IBM comes with that reconditions the battery doesn’t seem to work), or alternatively get a new battery or better still a new laptop (anyone care to sponsor me, even partially? har har har), i can’t really get anything done without lugging around the AC power adaptor these days.

Maybe this will substantiate my case for a new laptop in my final year haha…

  1. ya shld see my battery. i don’t think it’d last 2 minutes if i left the AC off…

  2. jon

    Yeah i can understand that – but it’s just annoying when i take notes on my laptop in lectures and the lecture theatre doesn’t have AC power outlets.

    Makes for a slightly panicky me coz i normally don’t have anything else to take notes on 😉

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