I have come what might possibly be the closest to fulfilling a childhood dream to become like Wolverine.

I have Aluminium in my body.

Ok, so it’s “had” not “have”.  But anyway what happened was that someone was machining a large chunk of aluminium, and forgot to turn on the coolant.  While that’s ok in terms of heating up of the workpiece, since aluminium is considered a soft metal, what he didn’t know was that the coolant also serves to flush away the chips that have been cut out once they are removed from the main bulk of the metal.  So chips went flying all over the place and one of them went under my skin – shallow enough that i could see the embedded part through my skin (and it look really cool).  But of course i pulled it out (which psycho would push it in?!) and had it washed.  Feels like a paper cut, really itchy but no cool scar to show for the experience 😀

On another note, i brought down my laptop to the IBM service centre in NUS today to see what they could do with the battery – and since it’s still under warranty, they’re giving me a new one in exchange for the old one, without depriving me the use of my laptop. 🙂 I really appreciate that, since i really do need my laptop these few days, with all the reports and projects and presentations going on.  Plus, i hope they give me one of those new batteries that are supposed to last for 6 hours (fyi, i don’t think it will last for that long really, but it’s definitely longer than my battery that was suppose to last for 2.5 hours and dies within 1).

So double yay!  And now on to the assignments.

With a vengeance.


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