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And so the exams are over!

Yes, i had my last exam today and i’m sorry to tell most of you that if you were expecting a lot of time to meet up with me, you don’t have it muahahahaha…i start internship in NUS on wednesday, and the majority of the rest of my time will be spend on other areas =)

So i paid a visit to the Sony Roadshow at Bugis and got myself the new laptop that i’ve been saving up for, working my ass off through the semesters while balancing work with studies throughout.  Was a pretty good deal, and before any of you are going to shoot me off for wasting my parents’ money, this is out of my own hard earned pay from doing designing and other stuff over the various semesters and holidays so there! XP

And so the end of the semester officially draws near…i’m looking forward to blogging a lot more on my thoughts which i have accumulated over the past weeks of studying, such as why i had a discipline problem getting to my books, or people who don’t return trays in NUS canteens, etc etc etc. But that will have to wait till i’ve reinstalled everything and feel like blogging again – else the post isn’t going to sound very nice =)

So till then, T.T.F.N! Ta-ta for now!

And don’t forget to tip the ushers! 😀

Sometimes i just feel upset with myself for doing the things i do.  It’s instinctive, but that doesn’t make it right.

Despite the violent sounding title, it’s actually quite a peaceful reflection that is going through my mind right now.

You know, for all it’s worth, this is the only shot at life we’re gonna get on this earth. If you believe in the afterlife (of sorts), you have to admit that it’s going to be elsewhere – earth is just one trip.

Life is going to throw you a lot of crap. It often is a lot of crap. Full of crap, sinking in crap, buried in crap. Crap crap crap. Here’s my point: so?

Whatever life gives you – and i really mean whatever (and trust me i’ve been down and out before) – deal with it, be thankful for what you have, and move on. Sure, you’re allowed to complain, but don’t just complain, like we Singaporeans are so used to doing. Complain and someone else will pick up the slack – in case you haven’t noticed yet, all you Singaporeans like me, Singapore doesn’t work that way and neither will the world. So complain, yes, let the steam out in a proper manner that causes no harm to yourself or those around you, but move on.

Life can be tough, but to quote the Thing from Fantastic Four (and this is in context):

Life is dangerous, an’ ya bound to hit the bumps in the road sooner or later – Ol’ Uncle Benjy has. But for all my crabbin’ and complainin’, I wouldn’t trade this life for all the safety in the world.

Mid-Exam Post!

Yes i know i haven’t been putting things up on this space for a very very long time already – almost a month. I thank all those who have been regular visitors and the occasional random comment from people i don’t even know. 😛

It’s the middle of exams and for ONCE i would like to proclaim the fact that i DON’T HAVE 6 PAPERS TO TAKE THIS SEMESTER. Some of the arts students i know are complaining about your 5-module-workload so let me say this: we engineers take 6 BY DEFAULT. And before you start gloating about how much more arts students have to read with all your notes and readings and whatnot (thereby somehow substantiating your claims that arts students are smarter, as if amounts of readings measured one’s intelligence), let me tell you that i am absolutely certain that MY textbooks/readings/notes/papers outweigh YOUR textbooks/readings/notes/papers in ANY semester.

Yes i know i’m generalizing, but as is the case when i’m generalizing, i don’t care. If you’re not one of those people i’m referring to above then all’s well and done for you – i’m only referring to a specific few people. If you -think- you’re one of those people above, then instead of posting a rude comment about my views and how inaccurate they are and all that (which i will most obviously delete), perhaps you should consider what causes me and you to think that way of ourselves first, then decide whether your comment is worth posting or not.

There, that’s it for the round of rants.

Exams have been tough so far, but that’s mainly because the first two papers (which have passed) are the tougher ones, and the last two (thursday and next monday) are the ones that require more common sense. It’s a little funny yet disturbing to know that engineers actually have to take this module teaching us how not to take bribes, cheat our clients, be socially and morally responsible and so on and so forth. The implications are obvious – and you don’t even have to believe what you write to score; you just have to SOUND like you believe. Considering the lecturers in Engin, that’s not too difficult to do. Not that this module is going to be a major problem for me though – the only problem is all the theories and stuff like that. Come to think of it, the whole module is theory. Bah.

But i digress. It’s been a bumpy road so far, with so many things i want to do (and yes, so little time, we’ve all heard that story before, haven’t we?) that at times i just need to take a break from everything. Note that i say everyTHING and not everyONE because people deserve care – you can’t shut out everyone just because you want to be alone, that’s not fair to those in need.

And speaking of those in need….<rant> for goodness’ sake if you’re only going to insult and push me around on an everyday basis, don’t come running to me in the wee hours of the morning asking for help and making it sound like it’s my duty to guide you in the entire sem’s syllabus. I’m glad to help, but that kind of behaviour is simply inexcusable, especially when you demand that i help you and whine at me even when i do. Grow up. </rant>

In case you haven’t noticed, yes i’ve been ranting a lot. There have been people who have been climbing all over me and i do try to calm myself down, but when request turns to demand and joking turns to whining, i honestly don’t feel like taking any of that, especially not from 21-year-olds (and above). Goodness, behave your age if you want people to treat you as such. One would think that at that age you’d know when to be serious and when to joke around, but playing manja with everyone when we’re having a SERIOUS discussion doesn’t help. Acting cute doesn’t relieve tension with us either, so cut it out.

Back to my normal self! Anwanwanw i tried drawing again the other day and boy i need practice.’d think when you pick up skills like that they stay with you…and technically they do, but only the theory – the actual execution leaves much to be desired. 😀

So here i am, taking a break for the rest of the day after having a paper in the morning, and two more papers to go (as i mentioned above). Did some admin stuff for JP trip, and will continue with that after the papers.

I’m so looking forward to the holidays.


When one seeks reconciliation, the worst thing one can do is to accuse the other party of being the one in the wrong.

Whether it’s true or not, that’s just not the way to do it.

All of us have those things, those moments that will forever stain your memories in disgust, dislike or utter hatred for the people or the times those memories contain.

The irony of it is that when those things are so deeply embedded in your memories, they will soon spill over into your behaviour and the way you do things, especially if you’re someone who cannot isolate such instances.

You know what the best part of it is? You usually don’t realize that it’s happening.

Until it’s too late, that is.

Feel like blogging something, but dunno what i can blog.

So there. ^^