VIP – Day One

And for those of you who are going to misinterpret, VIP stands for “Vacation Internship Program”

So having reported to the Prof. who is overseeing my VIP and FYP (Final Year Project, yes i’m starting this in conjunction with my VIP, and yes NUS is full of acronyms and abbreviations), i went to find the graduate student whom i will be working with. We’ll be doing polymer film research, mainly on tribology and surface wear of materials. The idea behind it (in a nutshell) is that we’re trying to reduce the friction and the wear between surface contacts of materials.  Thus, there’s going to be quite an amount of experimentation involved and i had better grow to like silicon wafers because they really don’t look very appealing to me haha…also, i have to get used to seeing engineering terms day in and day out, coz there’s also a lot of papers that i should read up on before i can start doing the experiments per se.

It’s funny, but this morning i didn’t feel like heading for the VIP – almost as if the holiday (translate: the number of days after my exams officially ended and VIP started) was too short; which in my opinion, was.  Yet as i was there i felt as if it was something that i would enjoy and i really hope i do, because that’s the only way i can do a good job without feeling drained.

So for the next three months, i’ll be working and thus will be awake in the day, but that also means that i won’t have much time to see most of those of you who are coming back from overseas or whom i haven’t met for a very long time.  So please please please contact and me and book me early if you want to meet up – seriously.  Otherwise other plans that are already forming will take place (e.g. exercise regime, spending time in hall/with hall stuff like orientation, preparing for Jianming’s wedding, etc).  I’ll also be in hall during the holidays and as such if you’re in NUS or nearby i wouldn’t mind meeting you for a cup of coffee or a meal during the day.

Happy holidays everyone!

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