VIP – Day Two / VCF AGM

Yeah, don’t worry i didn’t get a wrong sense of time, and i’m not backdating entries now; it’s just that the day after day one of my VIP (Vacation Internship Program, for those who didn’t get it) was simply spent reading papers, and i wasn’t even in the lab because i wasn’t needed, although i was ready to be there on a moment’s notice. (kinda reminds you of being on red alert in the army huh) It’s a little weird – official publications and papers by professors and the like are only around 11 pages long. Makes me wonder why things like our design project report can reach up to 150+++ pages not including diagram. I suppose you could say they’re more environmentally friendly.

So today was spent more on experimentation, preparing samples, looking through procedures, etc. I suppose at this point of time it still looks rather interesting, though i doubt that if i do that every single day for the three months i’m here that it will still be interesting when i leave. Essentially the samples required take quite some time to prepare, especially the coatings and all, so i was stuck in the lab till quite late and as a result missed other events (see below). It’s quite a meticulous job and rather time-consuming in one way because to prepare one piece of 1.5cm by 2cm silicon wafer you have to wash (meaning dip it in and out of the respective solution rapidly) it for one minute in distilled water, then put it in this vibrating machine for 15mins, then wash it in acetone for 1 min, then put it in the machine again for another 15mins, then put it in “piranha solution” for 1 hour, and then distilled water wash and acetone wash again. Granted, you can prepare multiple samples at one time (we did 18 simultaneously) but it’s still a tedious job and time consuming at that. It’s really time consuming. Did i mention time consuming?

And after all that, it was VCF AGM. In a way was looking forward to it, but had to give it a miss in the end because work timings unexpectedly clashed, but i suppose that can’t be helped seeing as today i was really doing stuff in the lab. Apologies to Meisi who sent out multiple emails reminding everyone about it, and asking for replies for attendance (to which i responded in the positive, but eventually ended up not going). Ah well too bad for me i guess. It’s not that much of a choice because i can’t run away from the lab without some serious repercussions, such as being reprimanded under VIP – that wouldn’t look too good on the record.

But a few thoughts in my head at this point of time: is there another correlation between “kweh”, “wark”, and “woo-koo!” other than they’re all spellings of the sound a chocobo makes? Also, why is it that every Final Fantasy game lets you finish the game when you’re around level 60+, and makes it SO HARD to find good monsters to level up with?!

But seriously, while i was preparing samples earlier on i had this thought – you know how human relationships are built up over time, not just the romantic kind, even the normal friendships? And we all know that time can make or break them – if you don’t have contact with the person at all after a while you might just forget them and one day you’ll suddenly remember “hey i once knew this guy”. Conversely if you spend time with them and genuinely want to, you’ll just grow closer over time. But even time can be twisted – i was reminded by a friend’s experience that just one act can throw everything off balance and screw up everything you wished for. Kinda makes one wonder why human relations are so delicate, isn’t it? But i definitely don’t wish to go around skulking and being afraid of offending people with every action i do – i know i was like that once and i look back and don’t like it. I guess such things are really based on trust after all.

On a sad note, somewhere in the middle of my FF9 game my emulator messed up and all of a sudden everything slows down.  I tried restarting, playing around with the suitable settings but whenever i reach a place where it requires user input, it slows down to the point of freezing. This is extremely upsetting as i have not yet seen the end of FF9 because the ORIGINAL disc i bought didn’t work, so this was my last resort.  Furthermore, i didn’t change any settings inbetween the two times where the quality changed, and so i can only assume that somewhere in the middle something went wrong and i can’t play it any more.  I can play other games so it’s just this game, and my CD drive works fine in reading and writing all my stuff. Figures it’s the only game i really want to see the ending to. 😦

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