VIP Day Three

And it’s back to polymers.

As much as i enjoy working in an airconditioned environment and with friendly people who bother to chitchat with you and leave you to do your stuff when you’re not required to do anything for/with them, the main thoughts that are going through my mind are “how many OMGWTF coatings/tests can one do on a single slice of silicon?” I know, i know; i’ll find out soon enough. But there really are so many coatings and things to take note that i’m like “wert. again?”. At the same time, i’m thinking of getting a laptop lock so that i don’t have to keep keeping and taking out my laptop – all that movement can’t be healthy for it.

Better news! I restored my emulator from cal’s old version (which is an exact copy of my old settings and all) so *drum roll* FF9 WORKS AGAIN! and i can get 100% completion (hopefully). The stage i’m at now (41 hours and 21 mins +), all the towns except for Daguerro and Black Mage Village seem to be blocked off so i don’t seem to be able to get one particular weapon in which i want the skill for. But ah well, i hope after i kill the next boss i can get it.  So i absent-mindedly went forward into the next part of the game in hopes that after that location all the towns would be opened up, but to my horror that was a one-way-non-stop ticket to the final boss.  I could have trained in one of the areas leading up to him, considering that there was a save point and i had enough tents, and the exp was good, but i figured no point since i learned all the abilities i have and i’m really training so that i can get the weapons that i don’t already have in order to learn new skills.  Hence, since i couldn’t do that, there wasn’t any point and i just went straight to the end.  I have to give Squaresoft (now SquareEnix) some credit for the story and the graphics, but couldn’t they have made the half hour of ending dialogue and FMVs a little shorter? 😀

  1. titusleon

    i always wondered whether you actually do work…since you do play tons….


  2. jon

    heh – if you know how to manage time as you work, it’s no sweat. besides, most of the time i have to wait for experiments to run so there’s time inbetween, and at night there’s nothing much to do. weekends are packed with other stuff so you can tell mom that’s why i’m not home that often. ^^;;;

    and no, i can’t draw people – my best advice is to observe body motions and all; look in the mirror. or deviantart. ^^;;;

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