VIP Week 2 Day 1

I’ve taken to logging most of my stuff here already – so i figure i might as well make it a full blown log of activities, by week and day.

Today’s rather simple, only a friction wear test on Sample01 of Si+heated+UHMWPE at 1mm/5g/500rpm/CCW, and some journal searching.

(If you understood what the previous sentence just said without any prior explanation, then you are truly an engineer :D)

Why so little work today? Well primarily because the post grad student i’m working with has another task to do given by our boss (that’s what we call our professor who’s overseeing us) and thus there’s not much that i can do at this point of time as well.  On top of that, i’m still recovering from that bout of hives/breakout from eating too much seafood at one shot yesterday as we had a mother’s day celebration dinner with my family.  Was itching the entire time after dinner till i slept, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience, especially when the bumps started to form on the itchy areas, which is honestly quite common for my itch breakouts – thank God cal had antihistamines and that helped a lot to ease the itch after it took effect, even though my body kinda cleaned out the drug after an hour or so – the perils of an overreactive immune system.

I’m also grateful for the post grad student who is working with me.  He somehow knew that i wasn’t in tiptop condition, even though i honestly do feel fully functional, and so he said “no point you staying back so many late nights since you’ve been doing that pretty much the entire last week – you can go back after this test is done.”  But yeah i didn’t feel too nice about leaving him to do any of the work all by himself (which he most probably might) so i told him that i’d stick around at least till office hours are up – not very nice to leave halfway liddat, especially since this is pretty much a working job already =)

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