VIP Week 2 Day 2/3 + thoughts

Ok so yesterday i forgot to update – kinda slipped my mind because there was nothing spectacular going on, just doing friction wear tests again.

So i came in early to hopefully squeeze in one more test for the day so that more can be completed by the end of the week. However, i was disappointed when more than one test failed almost instantly. Bearing in mind that when i say failed, i mean the sample failed in the engineering sense and not that the sample didn’t pass a quality test (though the two could be synonymous). I was disappointed because it means that i couldn’t get the data and properties for that sample.

But upon consultation with the post grad student i’m working with, he said it’s ok, just carry on with the other tests – it’s ok if it fails because we also need to show that some samples fail in a shorter period of time and that if all the data was the same then there’s no point in the experiment and discussion.

It kinda reminded me of my innate character – i hate to lose. I really do. I dislike being ousted by someone else, being proven inferior and/or losing. This spills out to the way i play sports and do work, always wanting a certain result and often putting in more than necessary in the assignment/game. Not just that, in every area of my life i hate losing to someone else. It’s different from losing out – that’s ok, i don’t mind being at a disadvantage, even if it is a tad unfair. I’d be upset and frustrated, but i won’t hate it, not like i hate losing.

I’ve never been a poor loser – if i lose in a fair game, then so be it and i’ll accept it. But it doesn’t mean i like it. I know more than once i’ve lost my cool over such things, even trivial ones, and i hope you never have to see it when it happens.

Anyway, today i learned how to use the SEM to view really high magnifications of samples. Friday i’ll be learning the FEM (a higher version of the SEM) because our samples are really fine in detail. But the rest of the day will basically be plotting data and such…side note: i had to install openoffice’s version of Excel because the Excel07 has this problem with plotting graphs with more than 2 columns of data and more than 1000 points of data – which is a problem since my data has 5 columns and more than 100,000 points of data. And that will only increase as time goes by and we do longer tests for longer wear life. ^^;;;

Another thought: i really should get around to packing my wardrobe in hall.  I’ve got a lot of stuff there and it’s like i can’t be bothered to fold them really nicely so that they stack on top of each other so i always end up putting this stack that collapses easily, resulting in a mountain of clothes inside the wardrobe.  I’m pretty sure stalactite and stalagmites are going to form there soon.  Maybe they’ll drop more clothes and i won’t have to buy anymore XP

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