VIP Week 2 Day 4

The annoying thing about running friction wear tests isn’t the waiting time but the preparation of everything, from the cleaning of the silicon contact ball to the alignment to the placing of the sample onto the holder and making sure it’s secure.  Heh.  But i’m not complaining – whenever i do this kinda test it gives me more time to do other things as well.  Sometimes i’m very tempted to open up a game or bring along my Smallville discs to watch in the 3.5 hour wait, but i figured it would be too nice on the postgrad student that i’m working with for him to get the finger pointing if i get caught; he knows it’s ok because there’s really nothing to do, but the lab technicians don’t like it regardless.

Someone once told me the person he sees on my blog and the person he sees in person (person in person…duh) are very different people because of the level of closeness portrayed.  But i mean, isn’t that obvious? I don’t think that anyone in the right mind, knowing that (to quote ketsugi) “your public blog is not private”, would put extremely personal stuff with details there without doing something like protecting the post with a password.  Maybe some people are exhibitionist about it, and they do, but i’m not one of those people – i know my blog can be read from anywhere, by anyone who has internet access and i’m not for the idea of baring my soul to people i don’t know.  Besides, if you know me personally, it’s not too difficult to contact me – my phone is always on and i always reply my emails, even if i’m not free to meet up.  There’s even MSN these days, but  admittedly i’m not always online – only when it’s convenient.

At one point of time during the semester i was wondering why i was so busy with everything.  Or rather, why everyone was so busy with everything as well.  I know slip ups occur with some people/groups and the last minute rush can be unavoidable in those cases, but that’s not what i’m talking about.  Neither am i referring to anyone in particular, but in general, NUS students (especially those in hall) seem so busy all the time.  Now for hostelites i can understand, what with all the activities, but even with that, a quote from Ravi Zacharias reminds me that “there is never a reason to be unkind”, no matter what the situation.  I think it’s rather sad that i haven’t been able to follow that, because more often than not my temper (and it’s famed legends that precede me haha) eludes my grasp and it takes a tremendous amount of self-control to rein it in, to which sometimes i’m honestly not willing to do.  Call it a bad day if you will.

Hm.  Random thought: results are out next week and although i’m not exactly looking forward to it, i’m not running away from it.  I guess you could call it “nonchalance” or “accepting one’s fate” (haha) but really there’s nothing i can do now except maybe punch in my matric number and PIN and see which level of torment i have to put up with from my parents.  It’s reached a point where i can’t be bothered anymore, and i’d rather just let things come.

I always wondered why so many permutations exist in everything.  It’s interesting that when i think of it, the thought of the “big bang theory” and evolution comes to mind – how some people believe that it was essentially fluke chance that we exist in this form on this planet, with these features and characteristics and this culture.  There was a paper published before on the chances and probability of that happening and although i can’t remember the exact figure, i remember my reaction to it was “i didn’t know we’d bother to calculate a probability till that low – look at the number of zeros on that thing” and “i thought we had better uses of our time than to discover how small this number is”.  Suffice to say, i don’t believe we have simian ancestors.  Maybe we did change over time to suit our environment – evolution, so to speak – but i don’t think we evolved from monkeys or jellyfish.  Perhaps skeletal and muscular structures changed/improved/deteriorated over the many generations due to different usages.  Perhaps.

But it’s one of the things we’ll never know until the day comes and i’m fine with that 🙂

  1. Sometimes monkeys are better than we. ;o)

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