VIP Week 3 Day 1 + thoughts

And so the start of the new week comes again. To be honest, i’m no longer as thrilled to be going to work – it’s beginning to become a bit humdrum and the things that one can anticipate to learn are no longer as numerous as before. It’s a little boring, to say the least, but i suppose that’s what work is about after a while. Yet in a way it’s fun because i get to to real things as opposed to sitting in a lecture theater listening to some professor speak – with all due respect i’d rather be doing something than listening to something.

I had a thought over the weekend, and it occurred to me that i’m once again severly lacking in patience. Now i never claimed to be patient in the first place, but i guess the consciousness of it just slipped away after a while and i kind of lost a reason to be patient. But i was reminded by JM via one of his emails that wasn’t even touching on this topic that i’m no better than the next person – so why would there be a reason to be impatient? Ravi Zacharias also preached before and mentioned that “there is never a reason to be unkind”, in which i would extrapolate to “impatient” as well.

On other notes, my wrist still hurts. I’m not too sure if it’s from attempting to play House Of The Dead 4 at the arcade, or if it’s from playing squash – might be a combination of both. It’s not the “i’m twisted and out of place and it hurrrrrrrrrts” kinda pain that my shoulder always gets, more of a sense of overusage and soreness of the joint that makes me wanna put it in a cast and not move it for an extended period of time. Seriously reconsidering going to german school for handball later.

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