Memoirs of Japan

And so i’m back from Japan – it was a great trip as trips usually go and i really didn’t want to come back to reality but i suppose i have to make like Rabbit (“oh there goes gravity“) and come back to Singapore.

The first thing noticed there was the weather and it was COOL. Not just cool cool, but bordering on cold kinda cool – which i was very pleased to have, after enduring weeks of ultra humid and hot weather in Singapore. Second thing is that the place i clean, due to the herd mentality of the Japs (and i mean that in a good way). When they have the sniffles or the sneezes they wear face masks to prevent spreading it around and i think it’s commendable, seeing as how we couldn’t be bothered back home about such things of hygiene till SARS hit us. Well apparently the Japs always had this herd mentality thingy where they’re very conscious about their community. And thirdly, i was pleasantly surprised to see that products from Japanese dealers were indeed cheaper than their imported versions back home. PSPs were selling for SG$250+ here compared to SG$350+ back home, and i even saw a second hand 60GB PS3 going for SG$400 – admittedly cheaper than those back home, albeit it being second hand…which raises the question on how the @*&$#*&%^@ they have a second hand PS3 already on the market when it’s not been out that long while some of us would really want to have one. (addition to wishlist haha). Let’s not forget that the public toilets were clean – so clean that Singaporeans like me going into one for the first time would be embarrassed at the state of the public toilets back home.

We went sightseeing, Osaka Castle among other places just for an example of where we went, and of course did the usual shopping (and therefore an amazing amount of walking – didn’t help that my sports shoes had absolutely no cushioning whatsoever after IHG and trainings) which i immensely enjoyed. Found that i was using the word “funky” just about everywhere because they really were – all the designs were so cool though way way way way too expensive for my tastes. The only drawbacks i found was that i didn’t have a lot of money at my disposal (though it was enough) and my Japanese was limited to “yes”, “no”, “wait” and “thank you” so gg hahahaha. If not for you, i don’t think i would have made it through those major shopping trips =)

We also had great japanese food and what an interesting fare it was – bought from the local convenience stores haha…but (un)expectedly they were already much better than what we have in Singapore, and even better if you buy it hot and eat it fresh. It was actually much cheaper than i expected food to be here, but just for kicks we had a few meals at Macs and KFC just to try the difference between there and Singapore – and i have to say that the Macs Tamago Double Burger and KFC’s Spicy chicken there beats Singapore’s hands-down without a fight.

Major credits go to you who planned out the entire trip and at the same time made it so interesting with you around – i think you probably did the best job that could have been done and i wouldn’t have had it any other way (and no it’s not a biased opinion)

I don’t think there’s much i can put into words about the trip – most of it will simply stay in my memory with no words to express it.  I do, however, want to blog about how i felt once i got back:


I initially had quite a few plans to clear once i got back, but i heard that i had a VIP report due soon and so i had to get down to it – believe me, writing 5-15 pages of “what i learned on internship” really is tough.  I forgot completely about the wedding lunch and dinner on sunday and made other plans in my mind that would preferably be carried out this weekend but i was just reminded of it, and that causes a bit of a distress here, while i’m still trying to churn out my report to pass to my prof later in the day because he won’t be around next week. So there goes my sunday plans – fortunately i didn’t forget about the wedding proper on saturday else i’d really be in deep shit.

And so it just feels that there’s so much i want to do but everything clashes around this period.

  1. sounds like a great trip

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