-Post with no name because i can’t think of any-

I just thought i’d put something here coz it’s been really silent haha.

I haven’t been putting up anything much these days – the past week has been pretty much a hectic rush at work with preparing samples and running insanely long friction wear tests. We’ve moved from 100,000 cycles (which takes about 3.5 hours) to 300,000 cycles (you do the math). As you can imagine this pretty much takes up the entire day, which has left me rather tired at the end of last week because it was continuous waking up early and sleeping late with hardly a break inbetween during working hours.

That being said, i managed to squeeze in playing Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance again. Finally finished both but i don’t think i’ll be playing Circle of the Moon because 1) that one’s kinda hard to play, and 2) i’d rather concentrate on FFI at this point of time. Boy i miss save states and spacebar throttles. But then again i can’t really complain coz i’m playing the anniversary version which looks SO much better than what appears originally.

Random thought: the reading on the graph that i’m looking at and sitting in front of now don’t look too friendly – i hope it doesn’t mean that the cantilever has spoiled again because that’s a pain in the ass. Plus, we don’t have anymore spare parts and i really don’t want to have to do the calibration all over again.  But even if it is there’s nothing much i can do about it if it’s already broken except look out for awry results so that i won’t have too many weird results, so i’ll just have to be careful.

  1. sauvik

    nurturing thoughts? nice one … buddy ! once upon a day!


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