Smack in the middle

Of the duration of my internship, that is.

I’ve been rather drained lately, hence the lack of posts.  It’s been continuous work day in and day out (mental at least, if not physical) and that kinda took a toll on me.  As a result, i’ve been on the rather grumpy side the past few days, and i’m not too proud of that – i think i’ve even done things subconsciously that weren’t very nice.  But i guess all’s done and over with and i’ll just have to live with it.

Had a meeting with my internship/FYP prof on friday and he mentioned on how we’re going to finish a paper for the postgrad student’s thesis (as my internship project), and then when the sem starts i can start on my FYP.  Although i’m thrilled that at the very least i get some form of recognition in the end product of my internship and i’m not just another intern that they push around and then get rid of, it’s a little disconcerting that i only start my FYP at the beginning of the sem, which wasn’t what i was told initially.  I’ll admit that i could probably use the data that i’m procuring now for the means of research and the skills come in handy, and i honestly don’t mind simply starting my FYP along with everyone else, but it bothers me that i was told otherwise.

On a separate note, in recent days i’ve been meeting people with various attitude problems, those that push responsibility to others while they just enjoy themselves while slacking, those that don’t keep their promises, those that have no sense of duty or conscience.  (if you’re reading this, you’ll know who you are, and i’m not afraid to say it’s you) As much as i can’t and won’t condemn you people, i still feel disgusted at your actions, your blatant lack of responsibility and your hypocrisy that you so gallantly spread as you try to sound so refined.

Happy things! Spent the weekend out again and had a fun time (though i know i was rather grumpy) playing bangbang and all.  Sorry i was rather snapper at most things, i guess i don’t really have a legitimate reason to say i was grumpy, so yeah.  If i had a broken leg or something then maybe that would explain it, but i didn’t so yeah. XP

I also drew something recently, copied the style off an artist who draws rather well in my opinion and learned a few things in the process about drawing.  It’s been a really long time since i had ideas or took up a pencil and drew something decent, and i’m rather pleased with this one, the first female character that i draw that looks real.  But i haven’t been able to get fingers and legs done properly, so for now i’m just going to let them fade off into oblivion 😀

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