Deposition and nano-tribological characterizations of composite films on Si

Composite self-assembled monolayers have shown improved lubricity than only one layer of SAM coated on Si. Earlier tests on PFPE coated SAMs have shown that they are extremely efficient in reducing friction and wear of Si. This project involves both macro as well nano sliding/scratching characteristics of various composite monolayers and ultra-thin polymer films on Si surface. Student is expected to design and carry out tests for the deposition of the composite films and their physical as well chemical characteristics. Tribological tests will be carried out using both micro tribometer and nano-scratch tester. Correlation between these two tests is made to get further insights about various wear mechanisms.

This is going to be my Final Year Project.

Honestly i don’t really know which direction this kinda thing is supposed to take, or the necessary steps or procedures or experiments that i will have to do, but i suppose it’s generally the same with every other student like me.  At the very least i have the comfort that i will already have the know-how for any of the apparatus in the materials lab, thanks to my VIP.

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