“I am the Law”…?

You know, it’s not often that i don’t get thoughts like these – but i choose to blog what i will muahahah 😀

Ok serious stuff and i’ll get right to the point. I often see Christians such as myself looking at other people (whether they believe in Christ or not) and passing judgment on them.  Ok, we see that all the time, but what i mean isn’t just the “hey this guy sings really well” or “she can’t dance for nuts” kinda judgment.  We see their faults and we think “this guy is a mess” and then we condemn them, rather like how we condemn those on the street who are trying to make ends meet (hey that rhymed).

I was reminded lately in an email conversation with JM that we shouldn’t.  I still dig up that email every now and then to remind myself, not only to be thankful that there is at least another who does not condemn me in that light, but to continually remind myself that i am not to pass condemnation on another, that i am in no way less sinful than the next person.  (Of course, i realize that would spark a debate on what is sin, but i’ll leave that for another time.)

Here, a closer friend would expect me to give my traditional sermon-like post and evaluate everything.  But this time i’m not going to; i think it is simple.  Those of us who condemn others have to learn to humble ourselves and realize that no matter what level of leadership you hold, be it in the family or in the church, you are still a sinner.  Those who have been condemned by others and are feeling out of sorts, know also that we (and i saw we, including myself) are very much like the woman that the Pharisees tried to stone, yet was saved by The Only One Who Is Able To Condemn And Forgive.

“…then neither do i condemn you.  Go now and leave your life of sin”

So many, when they hear of a brother or sister doing wrong, immediately write them off.  Oh i know we all say we don’t, but i’ve seen the looks in the eyes, even to me.

Hence we really have to learn this little lesson: that we are no more and no less than the next fallen sinner.

On a side note, although Jesus’s aftercomment sounds very much like a command, He still gives us the choice to follow it or not.  I’m not too sure if continuing to sin will be tantamount to losing your salvation, or whether Jesus will sever all ties with you.  I’m not very comfortable with the notion of a God who condemns you (because He isn’t one like that) the moment you disobey, nor if He casts you aside because you don’t believe in Him (except in the case of judgment day).

And after putting all this down on (digital paper), i begin to see that the root of it all, how to correct our mindsets and perceptions, how to reconcile all this, is love.

“..And now three remain…and the greatest of these is Love.”

  1. Hawk

    A very nice piece of writing; insightful and soulful. I am a back-sliden christian. Was saved and baptized at the age of twelve. However, I have not walked the path for many years. I am reminded of something my grandmother shared (when she was alive) which was this. She would say, we are all nothing but white-washed outhouses! Some better washed than others. For some reason this has always left a lasting impression. I think the point she was trying to make (and, I might be wrong) is that none of us are good. Not one! We all are a little stanky. It is a choice we make. Every road has two directions of travel. Unfortunately, my choice, for many years, has been in the opposite direction. Though recently, I have started to rediscover my faith. I haven’t quite turned completely around, but at least I have stopped for the moment, and am looking at the map. Thank you for the post. It helped me on some some level and I appreciate you sharing your insightfulness. My regards, Hawk

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