Like Sand Through The Hourglass

…So are the days of our lives.

*cue american serial drama music*

Haha…ok that was my lame attempt at humourizing an upcoming thought-full post. It’s been two months since i’ve started my internship, and although i don’t end after three months, i still do have to submit my report at that time. It’s rather weird though, that although i feel that it’s been so long since i started on this internship, it also seems so fast that it’s about to officially end and i’m about to start on my last year in NUS, hopefully then moving on to NIE.

Time really flies. Three years in NUS have gone by and i see most of my friends graduating, finding jobs, finding lack of jobs, getting married (Jianming just got married, Lionel soon, i think there are a few more on the way)…it’s like i get a preview of what life is like ahead of me haha. Then again i guess that’s why God intended for us to have friends and seniors, so that we can seek words of wisdom from them when they start their journeys ahead of us (not to mention parents too – for which i am and will be eternally grateful for having to put up with a prodigal son like me :P).

But as time goes by (and a word to all parents out there, even though i guess i’m in not much of a position to say any words of advice), the child will want to leave the nest, and i feel (purely in my opinion, which is what my parents have done whether they are aware of it or not) the parents’ job there is to decide whether their child can handle things on his/her own.  If so, then it may be time to let go, no matter how much you want to hold your child in your arms.  If not, then be gentle.  Which is not to say that you’ll ever cease to be your parent’s child – i know my mom still sees me in the same light as she did 7 years ago while i was still in JC, but that hasn’t stopped her from letting me make my own decisions.

I guess we all see our lives as we go through them, and hindsight is always 20-20 vision.  Like i told CCH, living a life without regrets simply means you don’t look back.  No “i should have done this back then” or “maybe i shouldn’t have made that decision”.  I’d allow the “that wasn’t a wise choice, this would have been a better option”, but only if you use it constructively instead of just moping about the past.

No regrets.  I don’t intend to have any.

  1. thanks for the tip. hehe. but hor..i swim at night got no scorching sun… 😛

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