How Long An Eternity Is

A second for one who is happy
Millennia for he who is sad
The future for us living
The present for them dead
How it feels for a wife giving birth
How it is for the husband who waits
An instant to those in love
A forever for one who hates
The amount of time for work to be done
And the same to anticipate play
A yawn for the period a sprinter would run
But a blink for the marathon’s way
A drop which fills an ocean of tears

A wink in the edge of a smile
A moment too far for which to await
Something that’s worth our while
So easy for a mother to give to her son
Yet so hard for the son to stay
The reign of a tyrant’s dynasty
And the wait for the rightful’s way

Shortened in times we desire
Extended in times which we loathe
Drawn out in which we would rather forget
Quick for which that we would hold

Too brief for the time to love
Too far in the time we send
Too short for one who wants it to stay
Too long for whom bids it end

Be warned that i have no idea what i’m trying to say at many points in the above – it just sort of formulated by itself, kinda like “the little creepy voice in my head told me to put that”. 😀

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