From work, that is.

It’s been a long time since i had time to blog about work. This week, however, i get to work from home coz i’m not needed in the lab, which is good in a way because i get to work at my own pace and whenever i want to; the bad part is that it probably means that i’m not going to get much done if i really do things the pace i want to 😀 But because we’ve finished all the experiments and analysis that we can do about this topic at this point of time, it could mean that my internship has effectively ended, although it’s supposed to last till 2nd August – that depends on my prof so we’ll see how.  Maybe i’ll get to participate in orientation after all!

At any rate, things are a little hectic now, what with the upcoming orientation and all. Frankly was a little disappointed at this year’s orientation committee – it’s 2 days to the orientation and they still dilly-dally around without much purpose, with deadlines long past and lagging far far far behind any form of schedule.  I can’t blame ym for that – i think she’s done a splendid job as chair, and the officers no less have played a major part; it’s the secretaries i’m disappointed in.  Once again, it’s called a COMMITtee because you COMMIT to it; so that means you don’t find ways to avoid your responsibilities, nor do you hide in places to skive while the other people are working their asses off to cover your absence and still show no remorse for your actions.  Also, when a deadline is set (and especially overdue) you DON’T take your time in fulfilling it, while laughing along the way – your chance to smell the roses has come and gone, so live with it and don’t drag others down with you.   That being said, this is not my committee and i’m not part of it, so although i can tell you guys what to do i can’t enforce it and i won’t; your lack of focus is just very very disturbing at this point of time.

Lack of focus.  I find that trait that i see in certain people EXTREMELY annoying.  “Heeheehaha” makes for a lot of fun, but it does NOT get the job done.

Ok enough with the angst.  Despite working from home/hall, it’s been a busy week, but i do manage to squeeze in batches of rest here and there, to game, to chat, to blog (evidently) and to watch anime, among other things.  I’m grateful for being in hall, really.  It’s helped me to develop skills i never would have had, given me passion for things i didn’t know existed and of course the most obvious reason is still there.  I still really do want to play handball for IHG finals and win a gold medal of my own accord, and that’s just one of the things i hope to accomplish this year.  Of course, there are other goals, spiritual, academic, relational, but to list them all out here would just be a waste and needlessly exposing myself to everyone out there who reads this – another reminded to the digital universe that your public blog is not private (in the words of ketsugi)

For now, it’s back to drawing stuff on cut out shapes of spray painted tetra pak, and recovering from a mild fever that started this evening.  Thank GOD for the break from work. 🙂

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