RHOC Reminescences

Did i spell that right? anyone care to correct me if i didn’t?

Been having some fun at orientation these few days – it’s been going on since saturday, and although i was disappointed with the way they work, somehow (even they don’t know why) things fell into place on the day itself.  From the point of a ex-RHOCer, the officers and i know why – seniors make magic. =)

And it’s true – i see the logistics being tweaked to creative uses, and doing some myself, the packing up, the moving and the leading, and the participation in the games…it’s all to the final product to which the freshman find extremely fun and enjoyable.  I do wish i could have joined in this year, but i knew i wouldn’t be able to commit (which evidently shows in my participation limited to being mainly at nights and in the final year items) to be being an officer and planner.  Besides, i also wanted to experience orientation outside the committee since i wasn’t able to do so till now.

So, while i miss my time having fun with the committee, i’ve also enjoyed my time outside it and the freedom that being one of the final years grants me.  And that’s where it really hits hard.

This is my last year in NUS, in Raffles, in Engin.  My last year with the people whom i’ve gotten to know and those close to my heart.  The last year where i’ll be able to stay up late chatting and suppering and play handball and sing with choir and dance and play guitar and accompany you with most of my time.  I know i will miss those times when i leave, as much as i want to start working, and i fully intend to make use of what’s left of my time here to do the best i can.

It’s onward to the final year.  With 7 more modules to take, including FYP.  With performances and competitions, friends, exams, papers to read and write and work to do.  With anime to watch and suppers to eat and times to relax and people to spend time with and games to play and books to read.

But most importantly, it’s onward with God.

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