Semester 7

And so the semester has started – the first semester of my final year.

I have a lot of grieviances recently, and only a select few have had the opportunity (or burden) of hearing me.  Let’s make it straight – i don’t like emotional blackmail, nor do i like being pushed to do something just because someone else doesn’t want to, nor do i like people with poor attitudes and think that they’re the best in the world.

That being said, i’m thinking that this semester is going to be rather rushed.  Despite the fact that NUS puts the final year project as a 8 MC module spanning across two semesters (i.e. a 4MC module each semester), it really is much more than that, often requiring us final years to spend most of our time on it – which is rather irritating because some people like me still have many other things that we want to do.  I guess we’d all say that it boils down to priorities and i totally agree, but should you place yourself in my shoes i’d guarantee that you’d still have a hard to time making ends meet in terms of time.

Still, this is goin to be an interesting semester and i hope to see something good come at the end of it, and i’m not just referring to grades. ^^

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