Grey Sky Morning

It reoccured to me what a shock it is to have a good dump and then turn to the side and find there’s no toilet paper. O_O

Fortunately, i merely turned in the wrong direction 😀

That aside, the week is passing by too fast.  I mean, i want to graduate, but i didn’t want the year to pass by this fast.  Be careful for what you wish for i guess.  Kinda stressed out academically because i realized that Jap 1 isn’t as easy as it sounded, and i’m not like people who can pick up the language (or languages) quickly – it took me a year to learn how to speak Mandarin, not to mention how to write it.  But i figure i might as well take it up since i’ve gotten the course pack and attended the lecture and all – who knows, everything might turn out fine in the end.


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