End of First Week Of School

Just what the title said.

Most major thing that happened academically is that i decided to drop Jap1 despite what i said earlier.  Of course my usual stubborn self wanted to prove to everyone that i could do it, but i guess some things simply have to be laid down, especially when taking it up means i have to sacrifice all my other time.  In short, taking it would have nullified my FYP because i would have had no time whatsoever to go to the lab – and so in spite of what i said earlier, and the fact that i had already bought all the course materials, i dropped the module.  Which isn’t to say i’m abandoning all hope of learning it, i could still take it up by myself in my own time…but for now at least my timetable looks a lot free-er if not for the fact that almost all my free periods have plans for them already.

It’s the end of the first week of a new sem, a new year.  At times i really wish i did more that i had hoped to do in the holidays, that i took up drawing again, writing again and all that, but there didn’t seem to be that much time as i had hoped.

I’ve also been getting annoyed at people who are so full of themselves, who blow their own trumpet and speak big things which are usually false.  Honestly, given the chance, i’d like to put them in their place.  But i guess that’s not for me to do, really, and as much i would want to and don’t care about conventions and all that, i think this time following it won’t hurt.

I’m sick of being the bad guy anyway.  Can’t we all just assume the best in everyone and be considerate and thoughtful to everyone else?  Why do we have to slam someone when we don’t even know the full story?  Conversely, why are people who are doing such things getting away scot free?  I’d like to think that even if it wasn’t perfect, if everyone would simply think about the comfort of others and put others first, everyone would feel important but nobody acts important.  Unfortunately there are people who will take advantage of that system; maybe i’m just naive, but i still think i can change the world. All it takes is one person at a time.

Just one more.

And then one more.

And after that, one more.

And before long you’d have made an impact on a nation, which will impact just one nation.  And one more. And you get the idea.

And then the world would be a better place, no?

Naive? Maybe. But all dreams start somewhere, and i’d rather have such a dream than to tire myself out by assuming the worst in everyone and gripe about every possible situation.  I’d rather do something about it.

Yeah, i know some of you are out there reading this and going “what a typical male, to always want to do something”.  News flash: that’s the last thing any of my friends would call me.  I’m even called effeminate, forget about being the typical male – more like a typical female.   But you know what?  I don’t care.  I don’t care if you think i’m gay or i’m stupid or i’m naive.  Because at the end of the day i can say i tried – can you?

But enough about that.  It sounds like i’m really angry even though i’m not and i don’t like that. It’s been a hectic first week, and although i’m glad to have the weekend, part of me also knows that at this point of time it’s just a breather for the next week, and each week gets harder. Sometimes i just wanna lay back and chill, but ah well, no rest for the wicked i guess.

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