I’ve been thinking about thinking.

No, seriously. It all started when i got an offer (as to what, those who know me will know) that was honestly the opportunity of a lifetime.  My parents said “go for it”.  My professor of course says “yes”.  My good friends tell me that once this chance passes it will never come again, not as good as it is.  Of course, their advice is invaluable and appreciated, but i’m weird – i don’t just take it; i think about it.

And it occurs to me all of a sudden that a lot of Christians don’t think about such things. I’ve asked quite a few i know in the process about certain things and did my own analysis, which is to no means conclusive, but i’ve concluded that the vast majority of Christians who are young adults don’t think about what they are following and as a result end up being rather naive, following orders blindly.

Although i do admit that such faith in God is commendable and should be emphasized, i don’t believe faith is a call to naivety – in fact, most of the mature Christians i know are far knowledgable of the workings of this world and what to expect from it in response to particular actions.  Let me clarify – just because you know how the world works doesn’t mean you’re part of the world (and i mean world in the Christian sense, if you’ll pardon the jargon.  Of course, if you want to ask something or clarify, please leave a comment) and it doesn’t mean you have to follow it.  Rather, it depends on your own response to the situation.  Anyone can cheat you of something if they’re skilled enough, but that doesn’t mean you blatantly allow them to, as much as you trust God to protect you.  And i see no point in saying things like “thank God for His miraculous healing: when i took two Panadols, my headache disappeared!”  There’s nothing miraculous – it’s expected.  If you had AIDS and then took two Panadol and got cured then it’s different altogether. And just so we’re clear, thanking God for the existance of Panadol and its healing effects is totally ok with me too – i believe ren did that once, and i do that too.

As such, i’m not too sure how i feel about things when they become overly spiritualized.  Suddenly church is holy and (for example) hall is not; but who’s to say i can’t do hall activities and show my faith in that manner?  If we are supposed to be spiritual beings then everything, bar none, is suppose to be spiritual, and to the glory of God.  Why can’t i play handball for God? (Though admittedly i’m also doing it for myself)  Why can’t i sing in the choir for God or as i did, be part of the orientation committee for God? What makes it any less than going to church?  I believe it doesn’t.  I believe that our God would much rather prefer a garbage-picker who does his job for God rather than a Christian who goes to church because “he has to”.

But back the the point – people sometimes don’t think when they do or say things.  I’ve spoken before, eons back, on how hard words can hit and i won’t say that again because it’s too long and i’m too lazy.  But people, following into faith isn’t about being innocent-minded and naive to the ways of the world; it’s about doing all you can and that which is humanly possible, and letting God take care of the rest.  It’s not about leaving your windows and doors open and praying that a burglar doesn’t come in; install a burglar alarm and beef up security around your house, then pray that someone who knows how to disable them doesn’t come along because the latter is not within your control.  The former? I think you’re asking for it.

I’m not trying to be harsh here and i know i sound like it.  This is just how my thoughts formulate, so don’t judge me for who i am and who i was created to be.  I’ve received comments like “wow you sure sound harsh on this blog… you shouldn’t be so harsh” and i’ve promptly deleted them because this is my blog and my life and as long i don’t do anything wrong i have every right to put my feelings and thoughts up here so if you’re not happy then don’t click on my URL again.  But obviously i’m not going to open up my entire life here for everyone to read, it’s just thoughts and if i want to keep it private i’ll either password it or not blog it. 🙂

It’s as simple as that. 😀

That aside, it’s been rather hectic and i’m already tired from three days of lessons.  I honestly think FYP should be considered two modules per sem with the workload that i’m being given.  At the same time i also realize that some people have a rather slack FYP so i guess it can’t be helped, and besides, if it really ended up as two modules a sem then perhaps the workload will be more and there’ll still be people who have a slack time, so maybe the way it is is just fine. 🙂

Yes i’m a thinker, and i like it that way 🙂

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