Third Week Thoughts

Yes i’m blogging this during lecture, but for the record i’m still paying attention.  😀 Besides, it’s basically announcements at this point of time – although by the time i’ve finished with this i don’t think it will still be announcements.

Tutorials have started, although it doesn’t impact me as much since i dropped jap – in reality i only have one tutorial.  But the third week reminds of other things that will need attention, one of which is my Final Year Project (spelling it all out here since some people don’t know what it is) which has come to a standstill because neither of us working on it have absolutely no idea how to progress.  I’ll spare everyone the technical details, but suffice to say that we’re asked to delve deeper into the theory and mechanisms behind polymer adhesions (ok that’s enough engineering lingo).  What’s comforting is that if even a PhD student doesn’t know how to progress, i’m feeling a little more safe about not knowing as well 😛

Remembering the past years and semesters, even though it’s only the third week, very soon it will pass right by and the midsem break will come and go – and then the exams will come and so on and so forth till it’s the end of my final year as an undergraduate in NUS.  I haven’t decided to further my studies, although i’ve received positive and negative points about doing so (thanks to all who gave their input).

And so activities will start soon.  It was a very messy points forum about the whole thing and i would like to blog about it except for the fact it would be far too long.  But back to the point, activities will start soon and i can expect that everyone will start to be very busy, and there will be less free time all around.  I don’t know if i’m looking forward to it at all.

But yeah. 🙂

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