Week 4 Musings

Sunday was spent at Batam learning how to kneeboard/wakeboard.  I’ll give the people this: if you can do it consistently for the whole day, you’ve got a pretty strong set of muscles there.  When i came back and played handball on Monday, i realized that my grip had improved tremendously; thanks to gripping the wooden handle and the sudden jerks of the cable that dragged me on the water surface.  Muscles are still aching from all the impact and jerks, but it’s enough to train for now =)

FYP has come to a standstill, not because we don’t know what to do, but because the machines that we need are either broken or being hogged.  We’ve also encountered beakers not washed (and as a result permanently unuseable because of the polymer coating that has formed overnight on the inner surfaces), acids not disposed, samples left in the open, and solutions not taken care of.  Something that i will never understand is why people use common property like that – i would guess that their mentality is that “its free and i get my stuff done” but don’t consider the fact that only works once, and only for you.  On a similar note, i’ve been really peeved these days by people who squeeze and push and insist on their way and bang into me when walking along the walkway, especially when i’m walking around town.  I don’t understand why this happens because i’m not that short, and i’m not that skinny that you can’t see me.  Maybe i just look small enough to bully, but if you ever get on my bad side…you don’t want to be there.  I’d like to attribute this to the “ugly Singaporean” syndrome, but to be fair, i don’t know what proportionof people who actually do that are Singaporeans, and i’m not about to make stereotypes.  Let me also quantify that just because you do that i don’t hate you, you’ll just get on my nerves a little more than usual.

And i’ve had more than enough of the judging.  You know who you are, don’t think i can’t see the look in your eyes when you think that i’m beyond hope. I don’t expect you to respect me and i don’t care if you don’t.  If you want to , just say it to my face and tell me, not hide behind my back and say/think things about me

Interesting what comes up in the newspapers these days.  The Raffles Hall Float was in LianHeZaoBao after Rag Day, kudos to all the hard work that the Floaters and people who helped put in, and now my design project in Year 3 is on Monday’s issue of the Straits Times, Home section Page 7 (if i’m not wrong).  Great job guys, we have our wheelchair and made the news – i hope we make more news as we go by.  And if any of you grow filthy rich, don’t forget the rest of us hahahahaha!

I’ve been on the rampage for a new phone!!! yeah i know i like getting things like that, but at the moment i don’t have the moolah or the phone i want yet…i think i’ll still wait for both to come my way, but considering how i’m always hankering for a notepad to write something down and want to carry my schedule and timetable everywhere i go, i think this time round it will be beneficial to get a PDA phone, if not an iPhone itself.  Wifi is also going to be useful as i have a Wireless@SG account and it’s becoming more and more rampant across the island.  And i’m a sucker for a big screen and touch-screen functions, without a stylus (those thin sticks and having to pull them out to do anything is simply annoying).

Have you ever read someone’s blog that doesn’t talk in complete sentences, and seems to end every phrase in one line with a “……………” i.e. seemingly endless supply of fullstops.  Aside from the fact that if the world ever has a shortage of them you would know who to call (just kidding!), i was just wondering what people’s opinions are on them.  I know of people who find it irritating, but others think it’s ok.  I myself go by the stand that “hey it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want”, but what does everyone out there think?  Leave a comment and let the readers know!


    dude, your wheelchair look so COOL….

  2. jon

    if i change phone the first thing i do is to get mom a new phone because she’s been having hand downs from either of us for too long.

    Dad too.

  3. dang…..i wonder how much we can sell their phones for? (after they get their new ones from you….)…WAIT…I JUST THOUGHT OF A PERFECT CHRISTMAS PRESENT

  4. jon

    erm no i don’t think so – i think their phones are pretty low down on the market already.

    and no, the iPhone is not going to be out at christmas so you can wait a bit longer

  5. Titusleon

    i was referring to christmas presents for mum and dad lah….

  6. jon

    hm. maybe.

    you pay lo 😛

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