Crash and Burn

And so my body finally gave way.

What with the constant exertion and the annoyance of 9 or 10am classes (which aren’t really that early) and the lack of sleep, i finally fell sick.

It was to the end of handball training that i realized that i wasn’t perspiring anymore.  Unfortunately i think that must have been going on for quite some time because even my shirt was dry by then, and i was really thirsty. So by the time i clambered up to my room and took a shower, i was burning up.

Slept the entire night without so much as a significant move, and only woke up properly at around 11am this morning, opposed to the usual 9am-and-head-down-to-the-lab-wishing-it-didn’t-open-so-damn-early routine, and for the first time wasn’t about to fall asleep during lecture today.

Thanks to the handballers for helping me improve my game, i have much to learn, even if it’s still considered the basics.

Thanks to you for taking care of me while i was sick, even though you think you didn’t do much.

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