Ubuntu Woes and Whees

I finally jumped the bandwagon and decided to install Ubuntu 7.10 (Gusty Gibbon) on my laptop, dual booting with Windows Vista. And while i’m really amazed at how smooth most of the stuff is, there are still issues with it.

Hibernation, for example, doesn’t work. It’s probably the drivers or whatnot, but along with the fact that i don’t understand linux extremely well (translate: not well enough to twiddle around with what i want), i can’t really set things up. And so i’m learning and will hopefully figure out how to auto-mount my windows drives (at least they can still be read and written on. I think.) so that i don’t have to mount them every time i boot up, and i hope to eventually migrate everything over slowly to Ubuntu.

Why? The reason is obvious. I simply prefer linux to Windows. Vista looks great, hasn’t failed me yet, but i much like the simplicity and yet complexity of Ubuntu, which increase my functionality no end on the laptop. Nearly everything is compatible and if i really need to do something on a Windows program that doesn’t run on linux then i’ll just boot into Vista and do it there. But as it is, there’s an alternative for almost everything out there under linux.

Update: it turns out there are a lot more issues than i thought there were. I’m just going to list all of them here plainly: Brightness controls (within the OS) don’t work, HDDs aren’t detected and thus not automount, forcing me to mount it everytime i want access to stuff that are over on Windows (that means half-completed downloads too). Those two alone are enough to make me not want to use it already, considering my eyes hurt after looking at the screen for 5 mins. If there’s anyone who thinks they can help, do drop me a mail at redbeanjon [at] gmail.com!

More Updates: I got my drives to mount using a NTFS config manage, so that settles most of my file and data issues – screen brightness is inconsistent and sometimes is bright though sometimes not.  But i’m thinking it’s going to be a drain on the battery, though i haven’t had the chance to test it yet.  One thing i really like, however, is NO MORE DOWNLOADING OF INSTALLATION PROGRAMS! That, and the fact that if the program needs something to work a plugin, you’re automatically notified and then prompted if installation should proceed – much less hassle than windows 🙂

  1. A few things I could’ve told you in advance if you’d asked or if I’d remembered:

    NTFS is a proprietary Microsoft file system, meaning that any open use of it requires a lot of hacking and reverse-engineering. While lots of advancement has been made toward an open NTFS driver for Linux, I don’t think a stable read-write solution has been arrived at yet. For any kind of cross-platform filesystem goodness, always go with FAT32.

    Linux on a laptop is always kinda iffy due to peculiarities of hardware. When I was using Ubuntu on my Toshiba laptop, I consciously made the decision to sacrifice some of those hardware controls in order to gain penguin power.

  2. jon

    yeah i had some advice on that from others, but some posts in the ubuntu forums said it worked ok….granted that now the same people say it doesn’t work. Maybe next time you could tell me how to convert my drive format when i next reformat my HDD…and yeah i was willing to sacrifice some stuff, but the amount of configuration and manual settings that had to be done was immense and too much to do each time i start up…

    so with reference to the later comment on the later post, i’ll wait till i have enough moolah for a mac 😛

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