The Tonberry

Don’t you think the tonberry would be very sad?  Associated with difficulty and low rewards, often screamed at or run away from (unless you wanted to hunt for Tonberry King in FF8), and always having to be so gloomy.  Maybe the only reason he looks so sad and scary all the time is because people always are afraid of him, and nobody wants to be near to him for fear of “Everyone’s Grudge”, but nobody considers that there might be a reason why the poor little green guy has a grudge in the first place.

Tonberrys may be small yet powerful, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have a soft side.  Perhaps they started out carrying a knife for self-defence, and a lantern to light their way, and people started mistakenly thinking that they were aggressive. Given how slowly they move, they probably had given up trying to find their way out of the caves that they are discovered in.  It’s even possible that people had stumbled upon their house while they were in the kitchen, given how the knife they’re holding is a chef’s knife.

So be nice to tonberrys.  If you see one today, give it a hug.  You’ll make the world a better place. Really.


  1. You’re misguided. Tonberries are devious masters of deception, utilising their innocent appearance and slow pace of motion to gain close access to adventurers, then in one fell swoop exacting vengeance on their fallen comrades. If you hug a Tonberry, expect a knife in the gut and nothing more.

  2. aha. but who killed their comrades in the first place?

    *hugs my tonberry who is still sitting in the plastic bag and is very dusty*

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