Study Week.

And so i’m up in the morning, possibly one of the earliest i’ve woken up this entire semester, thanks to my timetable which doesn’t have any classes before 10.

It’s been four years in NUS (three and a half, to be exact) and i still think it’s scary that people would literally camp in school during the reading week, with their sleeping bags and boxes of instant food and a fortress constructed out of their textbooks and notes.  I also remember my first sem in hall where a particular final year and i went to macs for supper during the reading week and he ran past the whole stretch of benches at LT6 shouting “CHAO MUGGERRRSSSSSS!!!!” and subsequently caused me to run the rest of the way to macs with him lest we got beaten up by them.  Thinking back, i don’t think they would have; they would have probably been proud of that title 😀

Still, i think it’s freaky that people pull off stunts like 24-7 mugging sessions.  Although i can understand the usefulness of drilling and practicing, but what i never really understood was why people actually MUG instead of study.  It’s hard to explain the differences between the two, but a good estimate would be that “mugging” would be intense studying with the primary purpose of getting the exams over and done with, whereas studying is with the intention to simply learn and gain knowledge.  No doubt this isn’t a very comprehensive explanation, but i can’t really find the words for it.

Makes me wonder why NUS is considered a world-class university; is it simply based on results? If so, i can’t argue with that, but i dare say that the majority of the students here might have just entered the workforce with very little learning skills, and can mainly piah everything last minute and not manage to screw up.

I’m also a little sick of the talk that people make about “how your CAP is so high, no need to study already la”.  Go do the math: to maintain a 4.0 CAP, for example, you need an average in this semester of…that’s right, 4.0. Is that any easier than having a 3.5 currently and aiming for a 4.0 this sem? i’m afraid not.  Besides, as mentioned earlier, i don’t believe in studying for the grades – i study because i want to attain knowledge, and to learn how to learn.

That being said, the system here doesn’t really facilitate the “learn to learn” process.  As such, there are quite a few people i know whose grades aren’t fantastic, but i’m sure they will rise fast once they work, because under employment you have to learn, not just stagnate in your job.  I don’t deny that there are also people who learn to learn and they get good grades for it, but that’s not my point here.

“The only thing in the way of knowledge is education”
– Albert Einstein

  1. Good point there 🙂
    Those muggers sound really scary, I mean, it’s not physically possible, but they did it!

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