The Geese are Getting Fat

It’s over!

Exams that is, and Christmas is coming.  Unlike last year i’m actually looking forward to this year, though again i have no idea why.

But first, a recap on the last paper i had.  My hand hurts coz so much writing was required, that halfway through the paper i gave up writing in continuous form and started writing in point form, albeit still in coherent english.  I suppose being an engineer gives us that perk, in which we don’t necessarily have to write in continuous prose, but that might also explain why some of us have a rather lousy command of grammar or spelling. 😀

For now, the main bulk of my time is going to be on FYP + IHG.  Thankfully there are some modifications that have to be done in the lab and thus it’s a change from the usual stuff and type of experiments.  The downside is that it involves something that i have totally forgotten how to do ever since i passed that modules in year 2, and that is, technical drawings for design.  Bleh.  Let this be a lesson to me to learn things properly and not chuck them aside once it’s over.  But then again, with NUS’s system it’s a little hard not to do that.

I just had a funny thought the other day.  You know the “Just for Laughs” Gags that show ever so often on TV?  They could make one gag in which they take the roll of toilet paper and replace it with a thick plastic cylinder, in which they attach a few squares of the toilet paper to one end.  Thus, when the whole contraption is placed into the toilet paper roll holder (especially the big ones in the public toilets) it looks like the holder is still quite full – until the person pulls and OHNOESSSSS it’s only got a few squares (which would not be enough)!  Hahaha albeit that’s mean and it’s an intrusion of privacy, but i think considering the japanese gag shows i’ve seen before, that’s really nothing compared to what they’ve already done. 😀  And of course there would be crew and people around to help the person out once the gag has been realized and we see what they try and do to rectify the situation so if the person really is in a rush they can assist and he/she won’t be stuck there in the toilet for long.  You could even continue the gag by charging them an insane amount for the toilet paper (and return the money to them later, duh)! Toilet paper: $50.  Seeing your expression when you realize you don’t have any: Priceless. 😀

And now, back to Christmas.  Christmas brings back memories of long ago when times were simpler and i was….simpler. 😀 Of days at fullerton hotel listening to ACJC choir carol, of when i used to be on stage every year in church doing something for Christmas (6 years running for Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day, in fact), and of times where i could expect a Christmas Tree and present under it.  Now all the Christmas songs that i used to love come back and play in my head and although it doesn’t really feel like Christmas just yet, it’s really quite close because it’s already December.  People, please go and buy gifts for your loved ones to show you appreciate them – even a simple card can touch a heart 😀

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat.  If you haven’t got a penny, a ha’penny’ll do; if you haven’t got a ha’penny, God bless you!

or have i got the lyrics wrong again?

  1. rach

    christmas a comin and the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old mans hat. If you havent got a peny half a penny will do, if it’s nothin you’ve got, then god bless you.

  2. TOmmy

    no, you said it right the first time… its ha’penny… my mom used to sing that when i was little, as did her mom when she was little… etc…

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