Sometimes when people ask an honest question, its sounds really rude for the other person in the conversation to give a snide remark, no matter how smart or witty the remark may seem to the person who makes it.

It kind of reflects the way i think our society has been made to turn out – so many layers, in which one is never really sure what the other person really means in a conversation.  Even in exam questions, there always seem to be some hidden reference to something obscure that could possibly be in the scope of the answer, but then again possibly not, and one is never sure if it’s in or not, nor is it often that we have the time to actually write the answers out so it usually ends up to the people who are either so muggerishly familiar with the text that everything is regurgitated or who are lucky enough to guess that the additional bit really is the additional bit that they happened to add in on the exam script itself.  Perhaps that’s why i don’t give very good answers in exams – i only answer what has been asked, because that’s what the question wants to know.

Part of the way the society has become, is to be layered.  I remember that i preferred working with the hokkien pengs in army rather than those of my A level cohort because things were much simpler with them – there were no doubts or suspicions held back and if one offered another a coffee or something, it was purely because the giver decided to do so and without any intentions to ask for any favours.  On the other hand, most of the other people did something with the intention of demanding a favour in return, to which my response always was “why couldn’t you just ask it in the first place?”

I’ve mentioned before i think life is simple, though i’m not naive enough to believe everyone has good intentions.  Neither am i skeptical enough to doubt everyone that comes my way; i think.  Often i find that such an attribute alone differentiates me from a lot of the crowd, but amidst that, i also like to keep things simple. 

So when someone asks a question, and an honest “want to know” question at that, why is it that the answer that comes back often isn’t much of one at all?

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