One Damned Word.

You know, that’s all it takes to break everything you’ve worked so hard for.

In a way, i hate the way it works.  I can work so hard for all that i dream for, all that i hope for, but to crumble my own dreams to dust all i have to do is say something which can be misinterpreted and poof there it goes.  And it’s not like i said it with those intentions, or with any other dubious intentions either, it just seemed to be the most direct way to say things.  Logically correct, but i guess maybe it could have been withheld.

Admittedly, to be honest i also kind of understand why it has to work that way.  We can’t just be throwing things around with our speech, saying whatever pops into our mind – where’s the self-control in that?  It illustrates an ill-disciplined mind, and even more so for the tongue.  No wonder it’s said that the man who can control his tongue can control anything.

I think we all know that when we’re tired or grumpy or in a bad mood, words tend to fly faster than our thoughts can process.  But i guess i can’t blame such things for what i say, ultimately i’m the one who can control each word or at least choose to watch over them carefully.

All it takes is one word to damn your entire works. And that goes for the rest of us as well.

In other worlds, i’ve been very upset on the behaviour of some people in hall.  I know people aren’t perfect, and i don’t blame people for being imperfect, but as the saying goes, i think common sense isn’t that common anymore.  Even without common sense, i think consciences are getting rarer and rarer, or at least more and more desensitised. Since when does one person make himself the know-it-all and whatever he claims is true?  Or how does another person escape responsibility and not answer for it?  How do people manage to push blame to another innocent party or avoid taking their own blame and not feel guilty about it?  I think it’s even sadder that the majority of these people are Christian. 

I’m no clean slate myself.  I think i’m just as bad as the next guy, but still it puzzles me why such things can happen.  Is it any wonder that people turn away from Christ because of Christians? Isn’t it ironic? Even Ghandi said “i like your Christ, but i don’t like you Christians”. and even i in the past have had some bad run-ins with Christians.  But now i see, all too clearly, how we can “with the same lips praise God and curse man”.

When will we begin to see that everything, everything we say and do is for God.  When i think of it that way, i hold back a lot of my actions, a lot of my words and hold captive a lot of my thoughts.  I don’t profess to be able to do it all the time, and i’m sure i do it a lot less than i think i do….but at least i try, and when i try i know God is smiling at me for doing so, like a kid who keeps getting on his bicycle and falling off but who keeps on trying.

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