This is in response to a comment given by a friend that Singaporean girls seem to be going to angmohs more often these days, instead of hooking up with Singaporean guys.

(Note: this post is not to be taken in all absolute seriousness, though in my opinion some thing can be learnt, not necessarily in direct application to this area)

Haha i think the majority of the Singaporean guys are wusses, i can’t blame the girls!

Guys who are reading this and fall into the category of Pink IC holders, listen to me: it is not impressive to stare at a girl and when she looks at you, to look away and pretend that you weren’t staring.

It’s really funny that those of you who do that only dare to look at them when they’re not looking at you.  I can think of a few reasons why you’d want to stare at them.

1) The girl is actually quite pretty (to your tastes).  I had to add the “tastes” bit because i know of people whose tastes are a little dubious. XD  But hey, if you look at her and she knows you’re looking at her, isn’t it a compliment?  Of course unless she looks back at you with a “i’ll kill you if you ever so much as glance in my direction” look, in which i still say don’t pretend you didn’t; if you want to look, at least have the guts to admit you were looking.

2) You have the hots for that girl.  This is even better: if you really like the girl and therefore look at her from a distance, why on earth would you want to look away when she tried to meet your gaze?  I would understand being shy, but hey, that’s a chance for you to acknowledge her response with a wave and a smile!  Who knows, you might just get her attention and something might spark off? Is that enough initiative for you people?

3) She’s wearing/looks like something ugly/too revealing/etc.  In this case, i don’t understand why you’d want to stare in the first place, so i can’t help you. XD

Have you seen what happens when angmohs stare at girl whom they deem are pretty?  They return their gaze, give a smile and wave back.  Then however the girl reacts from that, you can tell whether she’s interested in being friends, etc. Besides, most of them actually know you’re staring so if you look away when she’s trying to meet your gaze, it just says you’re not man enough to admit what you were doing.  So if you want to stare, stare; have enough guts to admit that you’re staring because of any of the reasons above or any not included.

And woe to those out there who already have girlfriends and are staring: you guys deserve to get your eyes poked out by sporks.

  1. shir

    this is quite funny. but true.

  2. jon

    haha…yeah i’d like to think so 😀

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