Go go Gadget…gadgets?

In case it hasn’t been obvious just yet, i’m very much a gadget person.  I like tinkering around with them, playing with them, changing things about them and if my budget allows, getting new ones.  I enthusiastically read about advances in mobile phones, laptops, graphics cards, and whatnot. I like tweaking my laptop settings, playing around with new OSes (though admittedly my Ubuntu is sitting there untouched for quite some time), and stuff like that, and i really have a hard time resisting when i see a well designed device that is practical and especially one i would actually use.

That being said, my phone is dying and i’m in the market for a new phone once again – i’m looking for something preferably with wifi, able to chat on msn (or windows live, as they call it) and has pda functions which i will definitely use to keep track of my appointments, calendar and contacts.  I would very much like to wait for the iPhone to come out, but i’m not too sure if a lot of functions that i want will be available on it, or whether the price tag is within what i can spend, or (most importantly) whether my phone can hold out till it comes.

What’s wrong with my phone you ask?

1) when people sms me sometimes i don’t get it

2) Sometimes i do get it but there’s no notification

3) When people call me the phone doesn’t ring even though the other person seems to be getting through.

4) When it does get through sometimes the caller ID doesn’t work

5) It tends to shut down and restart by itself (or sometimes just shut down and i have to manually restart it), even when i’m in a call

6) During a call, it’s not uncommon for the sound to suddenly go haywire, and i have to cancel the call and call the person again

That’s just what’s wrong with my phone.  Now what do i look for in the new phone which i hope to get?

1) Wifi access

2) PDA functions (e.g. calendar that actually works like an organizer, not the wimpy nokia calendar which is damn hard to input new appointments)

3) Internet Browser

4) MSN/Windows live messenger

5) Notepad functions (though admittedly with a good internet browser i’d just take notes on google docs)

6) touchscreen!

7) camera – but a small one would do…..2MP is more than enough for me, but as i understand it, rare is the phone with only 2MP for the camera resolution, so that’s not too much of a concern.

I suppose you will now understand why i’m looking at the iPhone as a viable option.  I’m not too sure about the compatibility and all that, but i don’t suppose it will be too much of a hassle.  I’m still open to the other phones though, like HTC and Dopod and all that, as long as they would preferably have what i want šŸ˜€

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