An Interesting Thought

Thoughts from a friend:

The only possible reason for you to be judging someone is for you to be absolutely, perfectly righteous.

But if you’re righteous…shouldn’t you be forgiving them instead?

I have more thoughts on this topic, but i’ll think them true and release them later.  In the meantime, all comments are welcome as i’d like to hear your thoughts, but moderation will be turned on to avoid offensive and sensitive content. (thanks for understanding about that)

  1. You pose a a great point. I think Billy Graham said something to the effect that the older he gets, the more he realizes he doesn’t know – that is humility. I think with righteousness should come humility as we become more and more aware of the great sacrifice made on the behalf of all of us sinners. Practicing discernment, going to our brothers who are faltering and being accountable as well as holding accountable is much better than the judgment that gets passed down by my brothers and sisters on a few “poster child sins” – of course, none of them exhibited by upstanding churchgoers (tongue in cheek). I don’t know the answers but thank you for making me think and forgive me for my initial response as I process this.


  2. CH

    Well I do agree. But then again, that is ideal. No one is ideal. So meh.

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