It’s Nice To Know

With all the disappointments that have come in the past two or three weeks, in the various sectors of my life, it has been one after another, with little or no time to recover from the previous one.  From handball to FYP to my breaking down phone, almost every area that i concern myself with has pushed me down at one point of time or another in the past month, usually right behind each other.

But from this experience i learned a few things.  Firstly, that man (and his creations and gadgets) are fallible.  Thus, they will disappoint if you put your ultimate trust in them.  (I don’t mean that i’ve betrayed anyone’s trust though…because i haven’t!)

And secondly, it’s really nice to know someone cares enough to help save the situation with/for you.  Only one person tried.  Thank you.

That being said, the O2 Atom Life and HTC Touch are sold out in every major Singtel shop over the island.  I hope this either means they’re restocking soon, they’re bringing in new models (which hopefully are as sleek as the previous ones – i notice that the pda phones are getting chunkier), or they have something up their sleeves.  Whatever the case, i can forget about getting a phone in the next few days/weeks, because they won’t be available and they would be expensive should they be available.  Bah there goes the replacement for my half broken phone which turns off in the middle of calls.

In other thoughts, after yesterday’s sermon i realized how hard a time i was really having with holding my faith while in hall.  It’s not just that at times i waver, it just seems that the conditions are simply against me, as are other Christians.  Confused?  Let me elaborate.

Oftentimes i get questions on Christianity – my friends are an open bunch, and they do ask me what my/the Christian stand on certain things are, or typically the question “what would Jesus do?”.  And i can give them an answer, albeit it is my response and not anyone else’s, and it’s not a perfect one so not everyone has to agree with me, which is what we enjoy because we discuss the basis and sound philosophical and all that.  But what pisses me off is that other Christians behaviour comes into question after that.  There will always be a point where someone else will ask “then what about xxx? how come he/she does the opposite?” or “does something really un-Christ-like?”  I know i’m no clean testimony myself, but at the rate things are being told to me (i don’t really bother to go find out what people do) in those discussions, the only answer i have is that “xxx is wrong”, which isn’t a very convincing answer in itself.

Before i start to get blasted, let me say that i don’t have all the answers and i’m not perfect.  Neither is anyone else, so they are bound to make mistakes.  But i guess somehow the fact that “people make mistakes” doesn’t make a very convincing argument for Christian’s behaviour.  Not when it’s exceptionally hypocritical, that one does exactly the same thing he/she accuses another of, often under a shallow pretext that whether intended or not, everyone seems to see right through it.  It’s hurting for the Christians around, it’s hurting for the people being done to, but most of all, can’t you see that it hurts God too?

And it always brings me back the question: if you/we love God so much, why do you/we still keep hurting Him?

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